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The first Terhune ancestor, Albert Albertze Terhune, arrived in New Amsterdam (New York) in 1637. Later, in 1783, a British Empire Loyalist named Albert Terhune migrated to Nova Scotia after the American Revolution. They farmed there for several generations before my branch of the family moved west to British Columbia in the early 1900's. The information is a chronological format with my line in red.


It also appears that there was another Albert Terhune, also a Loyalist, (?) who went to Ontario. I have started a section on this branch and I welcome any contributions.


I would like to provide a source where Terhunes can trace their Nova Scotia or Ontario roots back to Albert Albertze Terhune and I welcome any information or queries in this regard. Much of the information here is uncollaborated so please be careful! The value of websites, like this one, depends upon contributions from everyone so, if you have any additional information (no matter how small), pictures, corrections, etc., please e-mail me: stuartt ! cheesepowder $ com (replace "!" with "@" and "$" with ".")

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