For_You.”  This site was down prior to this writing (1/21/00). used to have an online floppy you could open, with the username of "true" and the password of "pass".  This site was down prior to this writing (1/21/00).

The Portal.”  Offers download of the HLC, and a comparison.  Down as of 2/10/00.

Someone’s “home page.”  Offers download of the HLC, and a comparison.

Demonstrating the other edge of public domain, this site has already bastardized it.  It adds to the introduction a statement contrary to the entire manuscript, namely, that fear makes the eternal Son of God non-existent.  The entire text is here, or you can view the HLC broken down into chapters.  (Chapter 1.)
This page is also of interest, as of at least 2/9/00.  It offers the book version of HLC, whic is being called JCOM, for sale, as well as offering the text both online (broken down by a table of contents), and to download, and a comparison.  Here is Chapter 1.
The Gauntlet: I sincerely believe that the manuscript being offered is a public domain work, and that the comparisons being made regarding it and the copyrighted work fall squarely within the fair use doctrine of the copyright law.  Further, I consider it my moral obligation to provide this information, as nature abhors a vacuum and others are trying so hard to squelch it.  Consequently, I will utilize every legal right I have to do so under both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  My ISP has already been notified that I consider thiw site to be both lawful and fair, and FACIM has been notified that if they attempt to shut it down I will consider such to be harassment.  Have a nice day!
It has been discovered that a pre-copyright edition of “A Course in Miracles” exists, and that this month (January, 2000), this public domain work has been widely circulated on the internet through web pages, newsgroups, and email.  This is being referred to as the “Hugh Lynn Cayce version” (HLC) because it was presented to Mr. Cayce, both when it was being scribed and also upon completion, as well as approximately 300 other people.

It is important to note that Hugh Lynn Cayce was presented with two separate manuscripts; one during scribing and one that was esteemed to be a completed work.  It is now believed that Mr. Cayce placed the manuscript in the custody of the library archive at Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E., part of the Edgar Cayce foundation) for the purpose of preservation and for the integrity of the work, and for access by the public.  This, by legal definitions, is known as “publication” (i.e. to make public).  This completed manuscript was published without a copyright notice, which is not surprising considering the nature of the work, and that its author denied authoring the work, moreover in light of certain and several passages in the work itself to the context and effect of “distribute freely.”

Considering the nature of the first publication, to wit the number of copies originally distributed, the scope of the distribution, the positioning of the work in a public repository, and the general instructions for distribution contained in context of the work, it is now widely contended that the original, completed manuscript (the HLC version) is in the public domain.

This public domain document was subsequently edited, and the derivative version copyrighted.  However, this editing resulted in aproximately 25% of the first five chapters being cut from the work.  There have been many who have earnestly sought the original, undiluted work.

The organization known as Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM), which holds the current copyright for the derivative work, claims that they hold a copyright for the original work as well, which copyright they allegedly registered in 1990, heedless that the work had resided in a publicly accessible library without any copyright notation or registration since prior to 1976.

FACIM claims that they are not attempting to stifle comment or suppress expression of A Course in Miracles, and yet they are having their lawyers contact anyone who makes any comparisons between ACIM as it exists on the bookshelf today and the HLC version.  I received a “cease and desist” letter, and I had not been quoting the work in question at all.  This “cease and desist” letter was my motivation for putting up this web page, and my response can be viewed here.

It seems that FACIM is attempting to shut down all web sites which quote from either of the two versions, or draw comparisons between them, and is shutting down any site which offers a download of this public domain work.

Just to make things interesting, I am cataloging all of the web sites I am aware of that offer this work, or any information regarding it.  If a site is shut down due to complaints registered against it alleging copyright infringement, rather than remove the link to it, I will note that the site is shut down, and when if known.  If you are interested in seeing what all of the hullaballoo is about, or reading the original* (who isn’t?), follow one of these links. You take the red pill and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This is clearly a “let’s see what happens” kind of thing.  If anyone is aware of a web page which you would like to have me add to my list, please let me know.

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