Infant Potty Training? 
Can it be true?


When I first heard about this, I was as skeptical as you are right now.
I argued to myself that infants CAN'T be taught to use a toilet.
Babies are supposed to be in diapers.
Babies cannot control their bladders and bowels.
How absurd!


I couldn't put aside my curiosity
and I began to research it.
Here's what I found:

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The following excerpt from the book,  Trickle Treat©
is used with permission from the author, Laurie Boucke.
"The TRICKLE TREAT method is a delightful and satisfying
(nearly) diaperless technique to keep your baby clean and dry
24 hours a day--at first with your assistance, and then completely
on his/her own.  The TRICKLE TREAT method is the ultimate
solution to the cloth-versus-disposible-diaper issue.

Although the basic method has been in use in many countries for
centuries and was practiced in the United States before the 1940's,
it is virtually  unknown here at the time of this book's publication.
This natural method gave way to more "modern" methods, better adapted  to fast living.  But the cost of convenience eventually catches up with us.   In the light of the depletion of our natural resources,  the ever-increasing pollution problem and the damage
that can be caused to children when parents spend too little time with them,  the time is ripe to re-introduce this method."
                                                               -taken from PREFACE

"The big mistake that people make is to think that a newborn baby is unaware of going to the toilet.  We assume an infant is incapable of learning toilet training because it is young, small, cannot walk, and cannot talk.  An infant is helpless in so many ways that it is hard for us to imagine that it could be aware of going to the toilet.  With this attitude, we encourage and teach the child to be unconcerned.  In short, we teach our infants to use Diapers as a toilet.

A normal, healthy infant is indeed aware of this bodily function and can be trained to respond to it from infancy."
                                                               -taken from Philosophy
                                                                   (Chapter 5)


 No More Diapers

My experience in trying this method has been good.
My daughter, Elly , is 10 weeks old (1/29/99)
and she sucessfully uses a "toilet" every day
so long as I am consistant and pay attention.

I will update this page as time goes by
and as progress is made.

Here is Elly's journal.

Nathanael's Journal

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